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Revu’s two comparison features, Compare Documents and Overlay Pages, help make spotting differences between your revised drawings easy. Compare Documents utilizes Cloud markups to point out changes; while Overlay Pages makes any differences apparent by stacking the drawings on top of each other as layers. You can also combine these two features for additional benefits. Here are some of the features and noted differences between the two:

Compare Documents

  • Differences between PDFs display as Cloud markups.
  • Utilization of Markups list allows for reporting and assigning.
  • Can only compare two documents at once.
  • Can compare flattened and unflattened markups.

Overlay Pages

  • Stacks PDFs on top of one another via layers, like a light table.
  • Can compare two or more documents at once.
  • Utilization of layers lets you quickly hide specific revisions.
  • Can only compare flattened markups


Using Compare Documents

Compare Documents takes two PDFs, analyzes them pixel by pixel, and generates a third PDF containing Cloud markups that highlight all the differences between the two documents.  Compare Documents can be found under Document > Comparison > Compare Documents.  Check out the Revu Help for guidance on all of its features.

Once you’ve created your new PDF with the clouded changes, here are some tips on what you could do next:

  • By default, the Cloud markups generated by Compare Documents will be locked. To unlock them, right-click on a Cloud markup and select Lock.  This will allow you to edit the Cloud markup.  You can now, for example, assign this Cloud to a coworker through the use of the Choice custom column in the Markups list, which will let them know that this change is now their responsibility.
  • If the Cloud markup is unlocked, you can use the Checkmark column in the Markups list to acknowledge which changes have been addressed. Alternatively, you can right-click on specific markups and select Reply, which allows you to leave a detailed comment attached to the Cloud markup.
  • Create a PDF Markup Summary, which can display an image of each change. Clicking on the image will take you to the change’s exact location in the PDF.

Using Overlay Pages

Overlay Pages takes two or more drawings and stacks them on top of each other as layers within a PDF.  Each drawing is set to a unique color so it’s easy to spot the differences between cuurevisions.  Overlay Pages can be found under Document > Comparison > Overlay Pages.  For an in-depth look at Overlay Pages and all its features, take a look at the Revu Help.

Here are some advanced techniques you can use with Overlay Pages:

  • Open the Layers tab and click the eye next to any layer to hide that revision from view.  Clicking again will make the revision reappear.  This can be useful if you have multiple drawings displayed within the overlay and you want to focus on specific ones.
  • In Overlay Pages’ Modify dialog box, click Select Region to restrict the overlay to a specific area, instead of overlaying the entire page. You can then use the Align Points feature to ensure that your overlays line up properly.
  • Instead of project revisions, use Overlay Pages to stack your construction disciplines. Each discipline will appear in the PDF as a layer, allowing you to easily toggle them on and off as needed.

Using Both Together

Both Compare Documents and Overlay Pages can be used in combination, helping to make the differences between your drawings even more noticeable:

  1. Run Compare Documents on your two PDFs.
  2. When the comparison is completed, click File > Markups > Export > Export Markups, and save the .BAX file to your PC.
  3. Next, run Overlay Pages on the same two PDFs.
  4. When the overlay is generated, click File > Markups > Import and select the .BAX file that you created earlier. This will import the Cloud markups from your first comparison onto the new overlay.

By combining these two features, you’re getting the best of both worlds.  Cloud markups will alert you to the area of change, and the underlying overlay will showcase what updates were made.

More Information

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