Making a 100-Page PDF More Manageable with Sets

Working with a PDF that contains a large quantity of pages can be challenging. With Sets in Bluebeam Revu, you can keep all pages separate and view and navigate through them as if they are a single document, in a single tab, without ever needing to merge those files together. This allows you to view your entire drawing set in one place. Previous file revisions are stacked behind the current version so you don’t lose track of the changes throughout a project.

For example, let’s say the architect has sent several revised floor plan sheets as part of the latest addendum. Sets enables you to insert the addendum sheets as the current drawing without losing the ability to view the previous floor plans. Plus, pages that were never going to be able to be combined because of PDF security restrictions or digital signatures can now be viewed as a part of the same Set. Sets can also detect revisions, carry over all annotations, hyperlinks, Spaces and other data when and redirect hyperlinks to ensure you’re accessing the latest version of a file.

You can create a Set with PDF files from ProjectWise®, SharePoint®, Bluebeam Studio™ Projects, and a local or network drive. You can even view files that live separately in each of those locations as a complete Set. Then, once you’ve started a Set, you can sort the files by page label or numeric sequence and share the read-only Set with colleagues and project partners.

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