Adjusting Annotations to the Scale of Your Drawing

Have you ever added annotations to a document that contained different scales or viewports and wondered how to proportionally resize them? One of the new features we’ve implemented in Bluebeam Revu 2015 is the Dynamic Tool Set Scaler, which lets you place correctly scaled annotations on your calibrated drawings based on the relationship between the scale of the tool set and the document.

To show you what this looks like, the following screenshots use the example of an armchair symbol. In the image on the left, you will notice the armchair is too big for the room, while in the second screenshot, the Scaler has resized the annotations in proportion to everything else in the drawing.

Bluebeam Software Bluebeam Software

One of the best things about this feature is that once a tool set has been calibrated, the Scaler will dynamically resize the annotations to match the scale of the calibrated document you’re working on. In fact, if the page contains multiple areas with different scales, the annotations will also resize based on calibration values in the viewports.

So How Does It Work?

Once you have calibrated your drawing, you will need to scale any tool sets you want to use. To do this, click the Bluebeam Software gear in the upper-right section of a tool set and select Set Scale.

Bluebeam Software Bluebeam Software

Once you’ve finished setting the scale, a Bluebeam Software ruler icon will appear with an orange square around it next to the Bluebeam Software gear. This signifies that the Dynamic Tool Set Scaler is now active, and you can switch it off by clicking the icon. At that point the orange square disappears and the annotations will work in the normal manner.

Bluebeam Software
The ruler icon with an orange square indicates the Dynamic Tool Set Scaler is now active.

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